DXRacer Drifting Series

Sit Like A ChampionDXRacer Gaming Chairs

Inherited by the best features of racing seats and ergonomic design, Drifting can perfectly match your setup’s style and help you dominate the gaming world.

The Ergonomic Gaming Chair

  • Winged Seat Cushion
  • Cooling Gel Foam Headrest
  • Curved Lumbar Pillow
  • Cold-cure Foam
  • 3D Armrest
  • Conventional Tilt Mechanism
  • Premium Parts
  • Size
  • Recommended Size
  • Regular / L
  • Up to 255 lbs | Up to 6'1"
  • Plus / XL
  • Up to 275 lbs | Up to 6'3"

Winged Seat Cushion

Unique winged seat cushion is designed to provide you with optimal wrapping and all-round support for your hip. Made from premium foam, it’s durable and uneasy to lose its shape under pressure within a few years.

Cooling Gel Foam Headrest

The bone-shaped headrest is built with cutting-edge cooling gel, which features cool particles that ensure constant coolness and provide superior air circulation and breathability to keep you cool even on hot summer days.

Three Height Settings
You can effortlessly switch between three height settings, all of which provide ergonomic support for your head and neck so you can engage in a furious fight with maximum comfort.
Curved Lumbar Pillow
The ergonomic curved lumbar pillow adapts perfectly to the S-curve of the spine and the shape of your lower back. It provides strong support for your back, while the friendly-skin plush surface is soft and pleasant to the touch.
Cold-cure Foam
The cold foam used in racing chairs (35% resilience, 40% sponge density) provides a comfortable sitting experience while remaining resilient and long-lasting.
All-steel Frame
We choose all-steel frames for racing chairs with a lifetime guarantee. The frame was built with steel tubes (1.5mm-thick wall) and flexible elastic belts so you'll be safe and more comfortable than ever before.

3D Armrest

DXRacer 3D armrest allow you to adjust it by height (up & down) and vertical (forward& backward) position. The surface can also be rotated 20° to the left and right to meet your needs.

60,000 Cycles Armrest Durability Test

A force of 400 N is repeatedly applied to the armrest for 60,000 cycles.

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Drifting Series offers a reclining angle of 90 to 135 degrees to accommodate users' sitting posture preferences. It's ideal to activate the rocking mode for those times when you want to unwind, watch TV or take a nap.
90° for Gaming & Working
Recommended angle for proper sitting posture.
135° for Relaxing
Globally recognized safety angle for reclining.

Premium Parts

The conventional tilt mechanism and a Class 4 hydraulic piston are certified by SGS and tested in accordance to the BIFMA standards. The reinforced wheelbase offers long-lasting stability and safety.

Conventional Tilt Mechanism

The Conventional tilt mechanism allows users to sit at preferred angles for gaming or unwinding.

Class 4 Hydraulics

In accordance to the BIFMA standards and certified by SGS, our Class 4 hydraulics provides maximum safety and easier height adjustability for optimal ergonomic support.

2.36'' PU Quiet Swiveling Casters

The PU-coated casters roll more quietly and smoothly than ever on most surfaces.

Conventional Tilt Mechanism

Our conventional tilt mechanism allows you to easily adjust the chair's height and rock it back and forth. You can also adjust how much tension is required for the chair to lean back by rotating the knob on the tilt mechanism.

360° Swivel & Adjustable Height
With the 360-degree swivel and height-adjustable features, you can easily adjust the chair to your position and move to all corners of the room.
15° Rocking Function
Pull out the right lever to enable the rocking mode.

Build with Confidence

Sgs Bifma Tuv

300,000 cycles

A 240 lbs (109 kg) weight is placed on the center of the seat and the chair is tilted for 300,000 cycles.

60,000 cycles

A 269 lbs (122 kg) weight is placed onto the seat. Hydraulics rotates for 60,000 cycles at both its highest and lowest position respectively.

5,000 cycles

A force of 300 N is applied onto the seat. Casters are swiveled back and forth for 5,000 cycles in a space with obstacles.

Specifications and Resources

Technical Specification Sheet

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