DXRacer offers a lifetime warranty on the internal steel frame found inside the backrest and seat of our models as well as a two-year warranty for all connected parts.

Check out the stores on our website for information on where to try out chairs.

Our Shopping Guide provides a wide range of information on our chairs however, if you find you are still not sure, please send an email to dxracer_au@outlook.com with your approximate weight and height.

At DXRacer, we take great pride in the quality of every product we make. We design our chairs with ergonomics in mind and elevate them with racing flair. The result: Extreme comfort for healthy gaming.

For part purchases, please send an email to dxracer_au@outlook.com with what you are looking for and your chair model.

Shipping & Return

Our return policy is listed under the terms and conditions on our website here.

If you are looking to return your chair, please send an email to dxracer_au@outlook.com