Air series

Embrace the Brand-new Cloud-like Seating Experience

DXRacer Special Chairs
The ultra-breathable Air applies a strong mesh into the gaming chair and provide the users with a cozy and revolutionary gaming experience 'from head to toe'.

Specifications and Resources

Technical Specification Sheet

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Assembly Guide

The World’s First Mesh Gaming Chair

  • Memory Foam Headrest
  • Patented Suspension Springs
  • Magnetic Lumbar Support
  • Modular Design
  • Ergonomic Support
  • RGB Exoskeleton
  • Upgraded Parts

One gaming chair.
One size.

  • Regular / L
  • Up to 225 lbs | Up to 6'2"

Patented Suspension Springs

After 100,000 cycles of durability tests, our patented suspension spring structure takes the exclusive suspension springs as the media, and creates lightweight, responsive cushioning and ensures long-lasting stability and sturdiness. This provides zero-gravity sitting experience for users.

100,000 Cycles

Durability Test

A 125lbs (57kg) sandbag is dropped onto the seat for 100,000 cycles.

Ultra-Breathable Mesh

New-tech mesh is lightweight and breathable. It allows air to circulate and prevent the buildup of heat and moisture so you stay cool even on the hottest summer days. Like sitting on the cloud.

Breathable Mesh

Smooth and Skin-friendly

Anti-damage and Wear-resistant

Anti-pressure and Slow-rebound

Memory Foam Headrest

Air headrest is made of breathable mesh, high-density and slow-rebound memory foam with a skin-friendly surface fabric. Soft touch and long-lasting comfort for you. The soft touch and enduring ease will be yours.

Adjustable Headrest

The headrest naturally fits your head and conforms to the curve of your neck, ensuring that your neck is properly supported and comfortable. The height of the headrest can be adjusted by 2.36’’(6 cm) to fit a variety of heights.

Magnetic Lumbar Support

The magnetic memory foam lumbar support for Air series is made of slow rebound memory foam and maintains your spine's natural curvature. It may be adjusted to the optimal height for your body, providing totally personalized experiences.

RGB Exoskeleton

Air mesh chairs with dynamic RGB lights are cool, stylish and modern, appealing to the youth of today. You can customize RGB lights with an RF wireless remote and fully immerse yourself in the excitement and passion of competitive gaming.

Static Colors

Specific Colors

Dynamic Colors

Modular Design

You may shop for the modular parts you need to fulfil your various office and gaming requirements, such as cup holder, extendable footrest, and multi-functional stand, chair covers, etc. You can choose any color from different color themes to match your working or gaming style in your room or office. The functional modular parts provide the users with a revolutionary gaming experience ‘from head to toe’.

* NOTE: Additional Purchase Is Required

Ergonomic Support

Designed with ergonomics in mind, Air effectively supports your head, lumbar, and legs to relieve pressure and sit with maximum comfort.

4D Armrest

The 4D armrest offers dynamic support for your forearms and alleviates pressure from your shoulders by adjusting to your posture needs.

Up & Down

Forward & Backward

Left & Right

Inward & Outward

The multi-functional tilt mechanism and a Class 4 hydraulic piston are certified by SGS and tested in accordance to the BIFMA standards. The reinforced wheelbase offers long-lasting stability and safety.

Multi-functional Tilt

The Multi-functional tilt mechanism allows users to sit at preferred angles for gaming or unwinding.

Class 4 Hydraulics

In accordance to the BIFMA standards and certified by SGS, our Class 4 hydraulics provides maximum safety and easier height adjustability for optimal ergonomic support.

2'' Caster/PU

The PU-coated casters roll more quietly and smoothly than ever on most surfaces.

Sgs Bifma Tuv

300,000 cycles

Tilt Mechanism Test

A 240 lbs (109 kg) weight is placed on the center of the seat and the chair is tilted for 300,000 cycles.

60,000 cycles

Hydraulics Safety Test

A 269 lbs (122 kg) weight is placed onto the seat. Hydraulics rotates for 60,000 cycles at both its highest and lowest position respectively.

5,000 cycles

Caster Durability Test

A force of 300 N is applied onto the seat. Casters are swiveled back and forth for 5,000 cycles in a space with obstacles.