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2014 Major League Gaming

MLG League, the full name of the major league gaming (Professional Major League gaming), in the North American eSports community enjoys immens.

2015 LCK League Summer Games

LCK (Champions Korea LoL) is the league's top league in Korea, formerly known as the OGN League.

2015 World Cyber Arena

The world cyber games (World Cyber, Arena, WCA), founded in 2014, is a global event. In "Hero s" Arena, Player "s Dreamland" as the slogan, PC games, Mobile Games.

Natus Vincere

NA'VI Was founded in 2009 as a game team. Owns CS, DotA2, WOT, FIFA, SC2 segment.

Ninjas in Pyjamas

Ninjas In Pyjamas (NiP) is a Swedish electronic competitive organization, founded in June 2000.

SK telecom

Telecom SK team in 2012 from the Sleep Game Eat team in the selection of members after the formal establishment of the League of Heroes.